"Dear Mary, Whew! …so glad you were there when "painter's block" hit! …could never have imagined that what happened – out of the blue – would happen, but it did. Thank you so very much for your timely, skillful help with buried trauma. …so glad that I know you, know about your work and about EMDR, and was able to call on you. As you are probably aware, I don't appreciate Western psychology/psychiatry very much. Why? Because for so many it seems to involve debilitating drugs, endless talk therapy, excessive expense, and dependency rather than freedom. But the work you do is truly intuitive, truly liberating, truly an art, truly skillful. And your methods are kindly and compassionate. With profound appreciation." P.H.

"The Lord sent Mary to me at a time in my life when the darkness was closing in. She helped me to navigate through, back to the light, and helped me rediscover the woman God intended me to be, leaving with me the skills and confidence to overcome any feelings of being overwhelmed. I will never be able to say Thank You enough."

"Mary was a wonderful mentor. She is an unrivaled expert in children's grief in Colorado." M.D., LPC

"Bringing my 8 year old to see Mary was one of the best decisions we made. We knew we needed some guidance and that is exactly what Mary brought to our family. Mary instilled some tools into our hands that we have been able to use with our daughter every day, everywhere we go. Mary made our daughter feel so comfortable and used some very effective techniques to help bring to the surface the issues we need to work through. Thank you Mary for your time, your teaching and soft spoken voice. We appreciate everything you have taught us." S.D.