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Life's journey has its ups and downs, and sometimes we all need a little help to navigate the challenges.


I am here to provide compassionate and effective counseling psychotherapy for adults like you, who are facing the complexities of life.

My Approach:


My approach to adult counseling psychotherapy is all about understanding and collaboration. I recognize that your experiences are unique, so I tailor my therapeutic approach to meet your specific needs.



Woman in a counseling session

Services I Offer:


Whether you're dealing with personal, emotional, or relational challenges, I'm here to support you. My services cover a broad range of areas, including:

  • Individual Therapy: Let's delve into your thoughts and emotions in a one-on-one setting, working towards your personal growth and healing.

  • Couples Therapy: If you're in a relationship, we can work together to strengthen it, improve communication, and navigate conflicts.

  • Trauma Healing: I have experience in trauma healing and can guide you on a path towards recovery from past traumatic experiences.

  • Anxiety and Stress Management: Together, we'll develop effective strategies to manage your anxiety and stress, helping you regain a sense of calm and control.

  • Depression & Anxiety Support: If you're struggling with depression or anxiety, I'm here to offer support and strategies to help you cope and move towards a brighter outlook.

  • Self-Exploration and Personal Growth: If you're looking to understand yourself better and grow personally, I'm here to support your journey of self-discovery.

Taking the first step towards seeking support is courageous, and I applaud you for considering my services. If you're ready to start a journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth, I'm here to walk with you.

Reach out today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a more fulfilling life.

Together, we'll create a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and concerns at your own pace.

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