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Some Thoughts about Healing

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

A message from Dr. Lyles

The harmony of our lives can seem to be disrupted when we are injured.

Do you believe that you are designed to heal? Consider a cut or a bruise...normally, such an injury will heal on its own. Should the wound not heal, medical care is the next logical step.

Outer wounds are obvious. Wounds of the heart, wounds of the psyche, wounds of the spirit, and wounded relationships can be hidden, where they quietly worsen; or, these wounds can be cared for in the light of compassionate, committed professional attention. As a psychotherapist, I am committed to helping my clients heal.

Many troubles come from our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. These thoughts may be repetitious words such as, "I'm not good enough", "If only I...(fill in the blank)", or "It's all my fault." Other difficulties come from traumatic experiences such as accidents, loss, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, or the trauma of war, with associated flashbacks, fears, and nightmares. Through offering deep listening, nonjudgmental acceptance, respectful compassion, and proven therapeutic interventions, I help clients find the path to hope, clarity, and healing.

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